Terms & Conditions

Child policy:

Let me preface this policy by admitting that we are the proud parents of small children. Infants and toddlers outside of their normal routines at home can be surprisingly restless and disrupt the Bed & Breakfast experience expected by most guests. Because the guest house is a house and not built with sound proofing like hotel rooms, sound does travel. We want everyone to enjoy their experience without those awkward moments at breakfast after a sleepless night for the entire house. Please use your best judgment with your child and their abilities. We are happy to assist you with selecting the best room options for children. Our laundry facility is offered to clean any soiled bedding or for an additional service charge of R300.00  we will provide this service for you.

Deposit policy:

50 % deposit is needed for booking of accommodation.
The outstanding is due prior to arrival.
Cancellation policy:
3 months before stay date: 90% of the deposit is refundable.
1 month before stay date: 60% of the deposit is refundable
2 weeks before stay date: 30 % of the deposit is refundable.
1 week before stay date: 0 % of the deposit is refundable.
House Rules:
No loud music or noise after 22H00.
Bar closes at 21H00
Lost keys will be charged at R50.00 if lost.
You are expected to leave your room in as good a condition as it was given to you. Any damage caused by you to our home inside or outside of your room such as carpet stains, soiled furnishings, broken windows or appliances will be replaced or cleaned and billed to you.
Pet policy:
No pets are allowed.
Smoking policy:
No smoking in the rooms or  inside buildings.